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A word from the company

I created ADDACTIS with my brother, Hervé, without presuming of course what the adventure of the ADDACTIS group would be, but with the conviction that humility, the permanent will to surpass oneself, the capacity to see in any situation, even the most difficult, an opportunity to learn and to go further, could lead us to great success. Almost 30 years later, I am still in admiration of the energy, competence and human values of the men and women who have made ADDACTIS a success. At ADDACTIS, we like to cultivate difference, confrontation of points of view and expertise. We believe that talent has no age or boundaries and we strive to provide our colleagues with a stimulating work environment in which they can give their best. We cultivate high standards, enjoy challenges and challenging conventions. We are women and men on the move, in action, passionate about our jobs and keen to reinvent ourselves to provide the best service to our clients.


CEO & Chairman, Founder of ADDACTIS Group

Our history

The ADDACTIS adventure began in Bordeaux, then Lyon and Paris with a handful of consulting actuaries determined to provide excellent service and cutting-edge technical know-how to insurers. The expertise of our consultants is deployed on the European market around the ACTUARIS brand, which is rapidly becoming the leading European actuarial consulting firm on the market. The group's development is based on two major axes: • The desire to combine ADVICE and SOFTWARE to offer insurers powerful data calculation and analysis tools in response to the complexity of prudential rules and the performance requirements of the highly regulated and particularly competitive insurance market; • The INTERNATIONAL DEPLOYMENT of our solutions, with the opening of offices in Brussels (where the group headquarters are now located), Madrid, Bogota, Amsterdam, then Singapore, Lisbon and Taiwan...

Key figures

  • 1993

    Year of creation

  • 260

    employees representing 30 nationalities

  • 33 years

    average age of our employees

Why our clients are satisfied

We are proud to work for insurance and insurers. We believe that insurance is a key driver of economic progress and plays a social role in the development and protection of a society. This passion leads us to surpass ourselves in offering ever more innovative solutions. Our slogan? To be serious without taking ourselves too seriously! And to consider the relationship with our clients, as with our employees, on a long-term perspective, convinced that trust is based on competence, mutual respect and transparency. Our role? To be the "sparring partner" of insurers by providing a triple expertise in Data, Software and Consulting. This is what our clients appreciate, both those we have been working with for nearly 30 years and those who discover us and choose to entrust us with their transformation projects: our teams cultivate humility, the search for technical excellence, listening an...



Addactis is a pure player: our clients are exclusively global insurers and reinsurers. Unlike the "Insurtech" companies, we do not disrupt the insurance market, but rather position ourselves alongside insurers to meet their challenges... and we are proud of it! The insurance world has undergone profound changes: • Digital transformation is changing the way insurance products are distributed, the production of models and rates (use of Big Data, pay-as-you-go insurance, cyber risk, telematics, etc.) and the underwriting process. • Increasingly complex regulatory constraints are putting additional pressure on the financial equilibrium of insurers and their business models. • The intensity of competition reinforces the need for portfolio profitability and more efficient risk assessment. Addactis is committed to meet these challenges by offering technological solutions and "analytics" combining SOFTWARE and BUSINESS EXPERTISE: We are specialists in RISK analysis and software editor (TECH) entirely dedicated to INSURANCE. To learn more about our areas of expertise and our solutions, visit our website

Our recruitment philosophy? Focus on values as much as on expertise

We recruit actuaries, data scientists, experts in modeling, statistics, programming and web development (SaaS) as well as technical profiles in accounting, finance, marketing, HR and information systems for our support departments. We offer a stimulating environment, rich in technical and human challenges on a global scale (our offices and partners are present in nearly 20 locations worldwide). Our commitment to technicality, reliability and innovation leads us to constantly question conventions in order to stay on the move and go further in the quality of the solutions we offer our customers. This is why, in addition to the expertise of our employees, we attach particular importance to the values and attitudes that enable a team to move forward together and more effectively: trust, mutual support, humility and surpassing oneself.

Because talent has no age or boundaries: our culture of transmission

The Addactis "Young Talents" program aims to integrate junior profiles from their internship, work-study or VIE program or at their early career. The opportunities offered are multiple and reflect our commitments: • To propose subjects and missions whose variety and anchorage in operational R&D nourish the thirst for learning, experience and the development of a sharp expertise; • To ensure a supervision based on the requirement and benevolence to guide and allow each one to reveal the best of himself; • Valuing individual and collective successes (visit our Blog to read our publications) to transmit and build solidarity and team spirit. Our senior experts cultivate a taste for transmission and the daily construction of a win-win relationship with our clients and their teams.