Message from us :

I created ADDACTIS with my brother, Hervé, without, of course, foreshadowing what the adventure of the ADDACTIS group would be, but with the conviction that humility, the permanent will to surpass oneself, and the ability to see in any situation, even the most difficult, an opportunity to learn and go further, could lead us towards great successes. Nearly 30 years later, I still admire the energy, skills and human values of the men and women who are at the heart of ADDACTIS' success.

At ADDACTIS, we like to cultivate difference, the confrontation of points of view and expertise. We believe that talent has no age nor borders and we strive to give our colleagues a stimulating work environment in which they can give the best of themselves. We cultivate high standards, enjoy challenges and challenge conventions. We are men and women on the move, in action, passionate about our jobs and concerned about providing the best service to our customers.

Pascal MIGNERY, President, Founder of ADDACTIS Group

Our history

The ADDACTIS adventure began in Bordeaux, then Lyon and Paris with a handful of consulting actuaries determined to provide excellent service and cutting-edge technical know-how to insurers. The expertise of our consultants is deployed on the European market around the ACTUARIS brand, which is rapidly becoming the leading European actuarial consulting firm on the market.
The group's development is based on two major axes:

• The desire to combine ADVICE and SOFTWARE to offer insurers powerful data calculation and analysis tools in response to the complexity of prudential rules and the performance requirements of the highly regulated and particularly competitive insurance market;

• The INTERNATIONAL DEPLOYMENT of our solutions, with the opening of offices in Brussels (where the group headquarters are now located), Madrid, Bogota, Amsterdam, then Singapore, Lisbon and Taiwan, and the signing of partnerships in Africa, the Middle East region and Latin America.

addactis®, The RiskTech for Insurance, is today unified around a unique brand and business model with the ambition to provide innovative software solutions covering all the "Analytics" needs of the world's insurers.

Our teams, present all over the world, work in synergy to:
• Design the actuarial models and solutions that most accurately and efficiently meet the needs of global insurers;
• Develop the software modules at the heart of our solutions and ensure an optimal technological watch and customer experience;
• Distributing addactis® solutions worldwide by providing support, advice, implementation and training in response to our clients' expectations.

By working at addactis® you will join either:
● One of our Market Units, in "front" with our clients to deploy our actuarial technical expertise and solutions;
● Our "Business Development & Actuarial Support" department, which provides support to the Market Units or directly to our clients for geographical areas outside the scope of the current Business Units;
● Our "Product and Technology" department, which is responsible for the definition, software development and monitoring of our product roadmap;
● Or one of the support services (Administration, Accounting, Finance, Legal, HR, Information System, Communication, Marketing) that accompany the operations.

Why our clients are satisfied

We are proud to work for the insurance industry and insurers. We believe that insurance is an economic driver of progress and plays a social role in the development and protection of a society.
This passion drives us to go the extra mile to offer our clients ever more innovative solutions.

We see customer relations as a win-win "deal" over the long term. We build a relationship of trust with our customers and employees alike, convinced that trust is based on competence, mutual respect and transparency.

What is our role? To be the "sparring partner" for insurers by providing expertise in data processing, mastery of the reliability and completeness of the calculation processes, the ability to steer decisions through data-visualisation and scenario simulation so that policyholders benefit from the fairest risk coverage at the fairest price.

My job as Lead Developer at ADDACTIS involves working on a daily basis with teams of developers and business teams specialized in the insurance industry.
I have had the opportunity to learn more about a sector that is often poorly known, thanks to the availability and accessibility of business experts within ADDACTIS.
As for the technical environment, it is very stimulating: we work with modern technologies on projects where quality requirements are high and where a high degree of technicality is required.
What is ADDACTIS' plus ? The autonomy, dialogue and agility that are an integral part of the group's DNA, allowing everyone to contribute to projects and the development of solutions.


ADDACTIS offered me the opportunity to join its teams to develop the group's activity in North Asia, and more precisely in the "Greater China" area (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong).
Convinced of the reliability of ADDACTIS' software solutions and offer, it is with pleasure that I accepted to take up this great entrepreneurial challenge.
I carry out my missions in complete autonomy, while benefiting from the strength of a group with 25 years of existence and the support of international teams.

Fabrice M., CEO ADDACTIS Taïwan

At ADDACTIS, there is an environment conducive to the initiative and professional development of each individual: the company is attentive to the ideas and aspirations of its employees, and supports them in their professional development. It is thanks to these values that I had the opportunity to move to Singapore to open new offices!
On a daily basis, working at ADDACTIS gives me a great feeling of satisfaction: we bring real added value to our clients thanks to the expertise of our teams and the quality of our software solutions.

Stéphanie D., CEO ADDACTIS Asia, Singapore

I was impressed by :

● ADDACTIS's stimulating, leading-edge technological environment (SaaS, AI, calculations and mathematical models, etc.) ;
● The agility of the teams and the international dimension of the group's activities ;
● Its sector of activity! The Risktech / insurance industry is a complex sector in full transformation, which requires us to continuously innovate in order to make our software solutions evolve to best support our clients in solving their problems.

What definitely convinced me?
A day of immersion within the teams. I was able to meet employees with a very good technical level and who are passionate about their job. Very cohesive teams that are fun to work with and that have a great "client-oriented mindset".


I started working at ADDACTIS within the Product & Technology teams in Lyon on the development of our software solutions before joining the French Market Unit, where I provide day-to-day support to our clients on their actuarial issues. There is a real complementarity between these experiences: I continue to work in the same field of actuarial science but from a different perspective. The software expertise that I have been able to develop is a real added value for my current missions and I continue to develop new skills, it's very rewarding!
ADDACTIS is a human-sized company that is attentive to its employees. The diversity of its business lines and its international development offer many opportunities for development and internal mobility for its employees. There is enough material in-house to feed everyone's thirst for learning, all in a friendly environment!


I joined ADDACTIS in Lyon (France) during my first year of actuarial studies for an internship. The skills I acquired during this first immersion and the trust I was given made me want to renew this experience. I have then decided to come back for a 2nd internship and an apprenticeship within the addactis® teams.
And what about today? I work in the ADDACTIS offices in Madrid !
What do I like the most at ADDACTIS ? The diversity of opportunities offered within the group and the support offered to each employee.


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